Woods Training : Ninja Training 101

Remember when there was a global pandemic ,and they closed everything for give or take like twenty years? Well, no ninja gyms does not mean there is no where to ninja at. You can build a home gym, but that is expensive and takes up a lot of space.

I recommend you make a trek to the woods, and tap back into your sense of child-like wonder and fun. The woods are where ninjas would train and hone their skills hundreds of years ago.

It only makes sense that the woods are an excellent place to become a tougher ninja compared to those pampered doughy snobs that only work out in gyms. Nature is a dangerous place , so training in nature makes you more dangerous.

In the woods, you will come across the greatest of all training apparatuses:

The Tree

There is nearly an infinite amount of ways to train using trees. For instance, go get your self an axe and try to chop any tree down. Even cutting down a small tree will make for a great workout.

Try cutting off or finding a long spear like branch. Spear throwing and wood chopping are an excellent exercise that stimulates the shoulders, back, arms and core.

Those are your main ninja muscles, so you better make sure that they’re strong. Next, you can try to find a knocked over tree or even a nice heavy rock. Try to lift that tree trunk as high as you can.

Do that for many repetitions or find a tree/rock you can’t lift then keep trying until you can lift it even if it takes months.

Find yourself a nice sturdy branch and start doing some pull ups. The rough bark will toughen up your hands far more than smooth bars at the gym. Tree branches are also imbalanced meaning that every one is different.

Different branches will target different muscle fibers, and you can use this to become stronger as a whole by training on differently sized branches with different hand positions.

Of course, you can always climb trees. This is a form of climbing that is far easier than rock climbing due to all the hand holds. It is more dangerous because there is not much to catch you if you fall from up high.

Never take on a tree that you can’t get down from. If it is hard to get up ,then it is harder to get down.

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